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A woman tried to stop an attack of a lion who lashed out her dog

mountain lion

A brave Woodside resident which is in California, pushed her car onto the lawn on the night of Wednesday to frighten a mountain lion who attacked her dog- it was reported.

A police officer said the owners of the dog were staying at their place when they suddenly heard a noise in the backyard nearly at 10 pm. Then they looked at the window and saw the lion was keeping the dog by its neck. According to the officer, a woman got into her car and pushed it onto the lawn to frighten the attacking lion. The lion had to climb over a fence to get away from the home.

The dog was immediately taken to the hospital and is supposed to get well soon. The officer now asks residents to record any conflicts with mountain lions.

Mountain lion attacks are not a rare occasion in San Francisco Bay. It is estimated that 4,000 to 6,000 lions live in the mountains of California. They hunt on deer and other wild animals, however, they can also prey on domestic animals and livestock. It is received more than a hundred reports of lion attacks on domestic animals annually. The police department recommends bringing pets into your home when mountain lions are awake- at dawn, sunset, and night. Food for your pets should also be hidden inside the house to prevent the attraction of other wild animals hunted by mountain lions.

Conflicts between humans and lions happen, but it is rare. Since 1890, there have been 16 confirmed attacks of mountain lions on humans in California, six of which have been fatal.

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