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A woman who was admitted unsuitable for military service was killed

korea army

A woman from South Korea who had previously worked as a senior sergeant was fired in January 2020 after having gender-changing surgery. After that, she wanted to continue her duty, explaining that she wants and still can continue the service.

Moreover, she said she doesn’t see any reasons for disputes and can fulfill her obligations. But a special military commission found her unsuitable, then she filed a lawsuit and tried to fight for her rights and reinstatement for a long time. Any person can be an excellent soldier protect bravely his country, no matter what sex he is- said the woman at a press conference and with tears in her eyes asked to give her a chance.

Nevertheless, last year the court officially recognized her as a woman. The first audition was due to take place soon next month. Now the cause of her death is under investigation. The body of the poor woman was found in her apartment after the mental health hospital couldn’t reach her all day.

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