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According to Eurovision’s Song Contest Data, 183 Million People Attended the Event

eurovision 2021

The organizers who held the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 announced that this time the show managed to interest 183 million viewers. Eurovision returned on May 22, despite it was postponed in a year due to the pandemic situation in the world.

On Sunday, data related to the largest music concert in the world was revealed. It was saying that the broadcast's audience of the 65th Eurovision grand final increased by 4 percent. And it is more than 40.5 percent of the last contest held in 2019.

According to the information, we can conclude that this year's Grand Final turned out to be the most popular among spectators between the age of 15 and 25 years old. Their share among total spectators increased by 7 percent.

In Italy, which won this year's competition, 4.3 million people “attended” the Grand Final. While, in the Netherlands, where the event took place, 5.4 million viewers were recorded.

However, France, which got second place, achieved the largest number of audiences for the last ten years, gaining 5.5 million viewers. The UK, Iceland, Finland, and Germany also reached their highest numbers in recent times.
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