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Actor Armie Hammer is charged with sexual assault

Armie Hammer

Serious accusations have been addressed to Armie Hammer. A girl, who introduced herself as Effie, stated that the actor raped her, held her captive, and tortured her for four hours. She announced this horrifying news at a press conference. According to the sources, it was Effie who first published his correspondence, which became the reason for a loud sex rumor with the actor.

Now Effie decided to talk about what happened when she and Armie once met on April 24, 2017. "He raped me for four hours in Los Angeles”- the girl said in the statement. "During this, he several times beat my head, left bruises on my face, and also used other actions of violence to me, on which I did not agree. I thought he was going to kill me. I attempted to escape, but he wouldn't let me"- she added.

She met the actor who had a wife at that time at the age of 20. According to Effie, Hammer constantly tested her loyalty. Anyway, Armie Hammer's lawyers announced a counter-statement saying that the girl's accusations are fake- and this can be proven. According to the lawyers, their meeting was organized, discussed previously. In addition, the actor's representatives also said that Effie herself sent Hammer messages describing what she wants him to do with her.

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