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Tom Hanks and his wife contract the coronavirus

tom hanks

The spouses felt sickness and decided to take a coronavirus test, which showed a positive result. Tom Hanks is shooting a movie about Elvis Presley in Australia.

American actor Tom Hanks announced on his Twitter page that he and his wife Rita Wilson have contracted the coronavirus.

According to the actor, he and his wife are currently in Australia. The couple's health has deteriorated, they complained of weakness and pain in the body. In addition, Hanks's wife had chills and fever.

"We've tested for coronavirus," Hanks wrote. According to him, the result was positive. He also said that he and his wife are going to be in isolation for as long as it takes. According to ABC.net, the couple is getting treatment in Gold Coast.

The couple's son Chet Hanks said in his Instagram that his parents are fine, feeling well and have taken all necessary precautions.

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