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Adele in Tears Announced the Postponement of Concerts Due to Coronavirus


Over the weekend, Adele announced the postponement of her series of concerts in Las Vegas. The British singer announced this on her Instagram the day before the first show, recording an emotional appeal to fans. The performer asked for forgiveness and named the reasons for the transfer of covid and problems with logistics.

New concert dates are not yet known, but the singer assured that the concerts will definitely take place. She also promised to provide more information soon. Ticket prices for concerts in Las Vegas start at 722 dollars and go up to 30,000 dollars.

A series of shows Weekends With Adele is timed to coincide with the release of the long-awaited album 30, with which Adele returned to the music arena after a six-year break.

Now the singer's fans demand to return their money not only for tickets to the concert but also for the flight and hotel. The fact is that when the star posted a tearful apology video, many of the fans had already flown to Las Vegas. For example, to see the artist, people came from the UK, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

The artist announced that all tickets will be valid for other dates, but fans will still have to pay big money for a repeat trip. Many are outraged that Adele announced the cancellation at the last moment because a day ago she already knew that the show would be impossible to prepare until tomorrow. 

Angry fans are now spending time together in Las Vegas and demanding that the singer still perform. According to them, they don't care about the light and the scenery, they just want to listen to the songs, at least on a bench in the park.

Now it became known that as an apology in the store where the artist's merchandise is sold, you can get a free drink and call her on Facetime.

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