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Afro-American Players of the English Team Suffered Racism After Losing the Euro

Harry Edward Kane

The final of the European Football Championship tickled the nerves of the Italian fans and broke the hearts of the British, who believed in the victory of their national team. Among the dedicated fans was Prince William, who watched the game from the stands with his beloved wife Kate Middleton and their eldest son, Prince George. After the loss of the English team, the heir to the British throne wrote on social networks that he was still proud of the English footballers and thanked them for the given emotions.

However, not all of the prince's compatriots were so politically correct. The thing is that the three players who did not score goals in the penalty shootout were Afro-Americans. Immediately after the game, all of them became victims of racist harassment on the network. As a result, even the mayor and police of London, as well as the English football association, had to stand up for them. All of the player's defenders said there is no place for racism in football, and Prince William joined them.

Over the past 12 hours, more than a thousand racist posts have been deleted on Twitter, and hundreds of accounts have been blocked. People sent messages calling for a "Black Punishment Day" for the fact that "because of them England lost the Euro 2020".

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