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After Armie Hammer Was a Rape Allegation Accused, the Actor Went to Rehab

Armie Hammer

It was reported that previously accused of sexual and physical abuse, actor Armie Hammer left the Cayman Islands, where he spent several months, and went to rehab. The institution, in which the 34-year-old actor plans to work on his alcohol and drug addiction, as well as sexual problems, is located in Orlando, Florida.

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Hammer made this decision three months after a girl named Effie officially announced a long relationship with the actor. According to her, Armie was too fond of BDSM practices, not using stop words, and also used psychological violence against her. At this time, Hammer was married and raised two children. Then, other victims joined Effie's accusations concerning Armie Hammer’s abuse, adding that some victims were under 18 years old at the time of the rape. Armie Hammer wasn’t arrested, but Los Angeles police started an investigation back in February.

Armie has already lost the support of his agency WME, as well as roles in several large projects. The actor's lawyer insists that all Armie Hammer’s rape allegations are wrong, and his sexual relations were by mutual permission.
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