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After Fighting with His Parents, a Teenager Dug a 3 Meters Underground Hut

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A teenager from Spain fought with his parents and went to dig a hole in the garden near the family house. In 6 years, he managed to dig an underground den with Wi-Fi and a heating system inside.

In 2015, 14-year-old Andres Canto argued with his parents and took a shovel to calm down. According to him, the quarrel occurred over the way he was dressed. Canto did not stop the digging and continued to work after school. It became a kind of relaxation for him. Then a friend gave him a pneumatic drill and the speed of work changed. An ordinary hole turned into an underground den three meters deep. Andres together with his friend were digging up to 14 hours a week.

Now there are several rooms in the cave (living room and bedroom) with built-in heating, lighting, a music system, and even the Internet. According to Canto, who plans to expand his underground hut, from May to September the temperature inside is kept at around 20-21 degrees Celsius. The project cost him around 50 euros, as most of the required building materials turned out to be inexpensive. 

After the photographs and videos of the underground hut started spreading in the media and social networks, Canto attracted the attention of local authorities. They once visited him in order to make sure he was not doing anything illegal.

Andres's parents are also satisfied with their son's underground shelter. His mother first discovered the cave on video, and then went inside in person.

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