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After Lady Gaga offered a 500,000 dollars reward for the returning of her beloved dogs, they were found after all

lady gags dogs

The police of Los Angeles city said that the dogs of the star were finally found in good condition. The other day, an unknown woman brought the dogs to the police department, the investigation commander reported.

Since Lady Gaga is now in Rome on the set of a new film, later representatives of the singer appeared at the police station and confirmed that these dogs belong to her.

It seems that the woman who provided the dogs had nothing to do with the crime committed last week. She said that while walking along the street, she found two poor dogs which she recognized from the news on TV tied to a pole. Meanwhile, the dog walker, who was hurt in the chest, is expected to recover his health.

The star even pays for his stay in the local hospital, which is about 97,500 dollars. His family is very grateful to the celebrity and other caring people who show their support during these difficult times.

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