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After the Breakup, a Man Filed a Lawsuit for 8 Thousand Dollars for 2 Years of Relationship

A Man Tries To Force His Ex To Return 8,000 Dollars Through the Court
A Man Tries To Force His Ex To Return 8,000 Dollars Through the Court

The parting of the director of the MetroFitness sports club network, Natalya, and the fitness trainer Sergei ended in a scandal, which is currently being watched by the whole of Russia. Now, the man demands 8 thousand dollars from the ex-girlfriend with whom he was dating for two years.

According to the girl, after she announced the breakup, the guy got angry. A year after their part, she received a claim for 8 thousand dollars. Thus, the man decided to return all the funds that he had spent on her for all two years of relationship. This amount includes everything starting from debt costs, ending with money for food, manicure, and panty liners. In addition to everything, the ex-boyfriend asks for money to compensate for the services of a lawyer and pay a fee.

At first, the girl did not think to go public with this story and was simply ashamed that this happened. But in the end, Natalya decided to fight for her rights. Now the girl is preparing for the trial. She is sure: the ex-boyfriend filed a lawsuit because of resentment against her.

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