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After the Photo of Madonna in Underwear Was Published, She Was Accused of the Photoshop

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American singer Madonna shared a new provocative selfie on her social media page and angered fans with her unnatural appearance. The 62-year-old celebrity published several pictures in which she posed in a leather black set of underwear and panties of the same color. Madonna’s underwear look was complemented by a beret and several massive necklaces. The star has natural makeup on her face.

However, the photo where Madonna poses naked has caused controversy on the network. The fans were confused by the singer's strange face shape: they drew attention to the triangular shape of the head, sharp cheekbones, and Madonna's chin and began to criticize her. In addition, the star's face was several tones lighter than the neck and body, and some people said that in real life the vocalist's proportions are not the same as in the photo. The star hasn't responded to any commentator yet. Meanwhile, the post of Madonna poses in lingerie got 490 thousand likes.

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There is no secret that Madonna has repeatedly resorted to the services of plastic surgeons to look younger. Apparently, the singer is still not happy with her appearance, because she continues to post pictures from a ton of Photoshop.

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