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After the Teaser for Matrix 4, the Creators Presented an Interactive Website

Teaser for Matrix 4

On December 22, the film The Matrix: Resurrections will hit the cinemas. On September 9 Warner Bros. promised to present the first full trailer for the new part of the franchise which was directed by Lana Wachowski. 

On the evening of September 7, Matrix 4 arrived on the official YouTube channel of the Warner Bros. company. The 15-second clip for the fourth film shows pills of red and blue colors. Also, you can visit a special site with an interactive video. When you select one of the two pills, you see a corresponding teaser with a few frames and graphic elements from the famous franchise. In order to create the effect of presence, frames in the videos display the local time for each site visitor.

Social media users appreciated the video materials and tried to analyze the presented fragments of the movie. While some fans of the franchise liked the feed itself, others criticized the idea of ​​posting additional content. A number of users also noticed the similarity between Neo and John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves.

Before the pandemic, the premiere of both franchises was scheduled for the same day. But then it was reported that John Wick was postponed until the end of the filming of The Matrix 4.

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