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Film Company Rust Has To Pay 137,000 Dollars Due to the Cameraman’s Death

Alec Baldwin Rust

Rust Movie Productions now has to pay the maximum possible amount for intentional safety violations that as a result caused the death of a cameraman on the set. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin, who shot Galina Hutchins with a prop weapon, posted on Instagram a statement from his lawyer. It says that the actor is absolved. The attorney's statement mentions that Baldwin's powers as the producer of the film were limited to approving script changes and casting.

There are no official statements about Baldwin's innocence by law enforcement officers yet. An investigation is still ongoing. However, the film company must already pay a 137,000 dollars fine. The investigation found that the filmmakers knew that the film set did not follow firearm safety rules. The report also said that the revolver was given to Baldwin by an assistant director without consulting weapons specialists.

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