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Alex Rodriguez Has Released Cosmetics to Hide Under-Eye Circles and Shaving Marks

alex rodriguez

The ex-lover of Jennifer Lopez made an unexpected debut in the production of cosmetics for men. Alex Rodriguez suddenly launches makeup for men which features a concealer to hide under-eye circles and shaving marks. In the comments under Alex's post about the launch, a lot of people wrote "This is why she dumped you."

If someone still believes that using decorative cosmetics is certainly not suitable for brutal men, Alex Rodriguez is proving the opposite. The ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, who does not want to believe the rumors about her affair with Ben Affleck, is launching decorative cosmetics. The legendary baseball player has partnered with Hims & Hers to create the Blur Stick, a concealer specially designed for men.

Blur Stick is a comfortable concealer for men that can be used to correct imperfections in the skin. It contains soothing ingredients such as aloe extract and jojoba seed oil and costs 17 dollars.

Interestingly, the release of the product almost coincided with the launch of Jennifer Lopez's own line of cosmetics, JLo Beauty, in early 2021. By the way, the couple co-invested in Hims & Hers last year when they were together.

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