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All Money From the Special Taxes Will Go to the Sweets for Kim Jong Un’s Birthday

In North Korea, all citizens that have a household will be forced to pay a tax. All the proceeds will go to the sweets that Kim annually gives to the children on his birthday.

Kim Jong Uns Birthday
Kim Jong Uns Birthday

It happened due to the rising prices amid food shortages in 2021. In some regions, families got a proposition to donate food such as eggs to the candy production - at least one egg per family. This has led to a lack of products in the markets. North Koreans are dissatisfied with being asked to chip in this way. In April 2021, people started to sell all shared sweets.

There is little information about the youngest dictator in the world because he doesn't talk about his personal life. Having come to power, the ruler showed himself to be stern and firm. The North Korean leader executed one of his generals after failed talks with Donald Trump in 2018. He threw the offender into an aquarium with piranhas. This brutal trick was seen in the 1977 James Bond film.

One more interesting fact is that the man gave unright information about his education. The school administration which he mentioned in one of the interviews assures that the current North Korean leader has never studied there. The whole head`s life is covered in the darkness that makes his governing more exciting.

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