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Always Has Been Meme: Dialogue Between Two Astronauts In Outer Space

Astronaut with a gun, Wait it's all X – a meme with two astronauts in space, one looks at the Earth, the other points a gun at him. This image often describes the most unthinkable and crazy theories about what shape our planet is and what continents it has.

always has been meme

Meme Origin

Always Has Been meme is part of a global trend about the American state of Ohio. It all started in 2016 with a viral photo taken at a bus station in Chicago.

It took several years for a big meme to be born from one picture. Jokes about almighty Ohio flooded Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter in December 2019 and are still popular in the US.

always has been meme

A full-fledged Always Has Been meme original with astronauts separated from this category of jokes. It originally existed as a comic book made in Paint. It depicts space, the planet Earth and two astronauts. One looks at the Earth and says, “Wait, it’s all Ohio?” The other is behind and, aiming a gun at the second, replies: “Always has been”

always has been template

The peak of the meme's popularity came in June 2020. Then a similar Always Has Been template with real astronauts spread on the Internet. And with time, everyone forgot about the drawing from Paint.

astronaut gun meme

If you look closely, the spacesuit of the first astronaut has a patch with the US flag on it. At the same time, the astronaut with the gun carries the flag of the state of Ohio. As conceived by the authors of this meme, the whole world is Ohio. And whoever learns the truth risks getting shot in the back.

Over time, options began to appear that were not related to geography or astronomy. Instead of the Earth on the template, there may be something from the Minecraft game, an anime girl, or another meme. Only the verbal construction is preserved: Wait, it's all X… Always has been.

never has been meme
astronaut meme always has been
always has been meme original

Meme Meaning

The meme “Wait, it’s all…always has been ” sheds light on all sorts of conspiracy theories. Moreover, the more absurd the theory, the more interesting the meme. For example, it may turn out that the planet Earth is a pile of canned beans.

astronauts in space meme
it always has been original

A Selection of Memes

How do you like this theory that all the continents on planet Earth are a kitten that plays with a ball? In this case, the ball is Australia. And below, on the Astronaut meme Always Has Been, we see the open mouth of a cat, which was photoshopped to a picture of planet Earth.

always has been meme

Have you noticed that all the Marvel movies only take place in New York? From this, we can conclude that our entire planet is New York. Maybe even so it would turn out to see one of the heroes of the Marvel universe.

astronaut gun meme

A slightly modified variation of the Never Has Been meme is that the planets in the solar system revolve around the sun. But there were times when people seriously thought that this was not so and that in general the planet Earth was flat or lay on three elephants and a turtle.

never has been meme

Another theory is that Jesus holds our planet in his hands. Of course, you can think so and this is normal, but do not give up the scientific evidence and do not let us confuse you.

astronaut meme always has been

Many people miss their childhood and the days when Disney cartoons were constantly shown on TV. It was then that we met all the princesses, princes, and other incredibly cool characters.

always has been meme original

The theory that the planet Earth is a Doge seems to be the funniest of all. Just imagine that we all became Doge like these astronauts and now live on a planet with such strange terrain as in this Astronaut In Space meme.

astronauts in space meme

The It Always Has Been original template is very versatile and you can create very funny pictures using it, right? You can try to project any situation and it’ll still be funny because these two astronauts would do all the work for you.

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