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Amazon Plans To Hire 150 Thousand Temporary Employees in the USA Ahead of Holidays

Amazon Plans To Hire 150 Thousand Temporary Employees in the USA Ahead of Holidays

Amazon.com Inc. plans to hire 150,000 seasonal workers in the United States. In such a way, the world's largest online retailer plans to increase the headcount as the holiday season approaches.

After raising the starting salary earlier this year, the average salary is 18 dollars per hour. Seasonal workers will also be able to get a range of bonuses.

In September, the company announced plans to increase its full-time staff by 125,000, and the company will also hire 40,000 more technology professionals and office workers. By July, the company had 950,000 employees in the United States, and around 1.3 million Amazon's permanent employees worldwide. The company hired 100,000 seasonal workers last year's holiday season.

E-commerce companies are rushing to recruit additional staff as the holiday shopping season approaches, but in recent months, some in the industry have been finding it difficult to recruit.

Amazon's seasonal jobs are posted in 20 states, including New York, Texas, and Virginia. In California, the company opened 23 thousand vacancies, in Arizona- 6.2 thousand, in Illinois- 4.5 thousand.

Some of the company's biggest competitors have also unveiled plans to increase the number of employees. Last month, Walmart Inc. announced that it plans to employ 150,000 people in the United States, where the company employs about 1.6 million.

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