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According to a Clinical Psychologist, Amber Heard Suffers From Two Mental Disorders

Amber Heard Mental Disorders

A clinical psychologist spoke during the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The specialist, who was called by the actor's side, spoke about two mental disorders that Amber suffers from. According to Shannon Curry, the actress has a borderline and hysterical personality disorder.

People with borderline personality disorder typically have problems with self-control and emotional instability. In a relationship, such people are impulsive and drastically change their behavior towards a partner. And people with a hysterical disorder, according to psychologists, are often self-centered and tend to think out stories. Curry emphasized that Amber has these disorders in all aspects of life.

Curry personally met Heard at the end of 2021. The psychologist substantiated the diagnosis with medical records, testimonies of witnesses, as well as audio and video materials from the case.

Earlier, Amber accused the actor of sexual assault. According to the girl, the ex-husband raped her with a bottle of liquor almost immediately after their wedding.

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