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American Chopper Meme On Reddit And Twitter. Popular Motorcycle Meme Template

American Chopper Meme

The American Chopper meme is multi-panel, in which a gray-haired man with a mustache and a young man in a black cap swear and shout. This is a father and son who are members of the American Chopper reality show. Motorcycle meme is suitable for illustrating any emotional quarrel and looks very funny.

Meme Origin

How did the best American Chopper meme come about? Let's start from the very beginning. The reality shows American Chopper, aired from 2003 to 2010, tells the story of Paul Teutul Sr.'s life, his motorcycle repair shop, and his uneasy relationship with his son, Paul Teutul Jr.

In the first episode of the sixth season, which aired on TLC on April 9, 2012, a fight broke out between a father and son.

The youngest, whom his father took to work in his workshop, was very late in the morning and began to swear and make excuses. As a result, Elder fired him.

But who was the American Chopper meme creator? It is known that in December 2011, a multi-panel American meme was made from this scene and published on the fuckyeahdementia website. A father-son quarrel turned into a scandal between a professor and a student using the American Chopper meme original template.

In November 2012, the template got into the / r / funny subreddit. In this version, respectful remarks were added to the son and father – the elder asks the younger to help move the chair, he agrees and receives the gratitude.

The American Chopper argument meme was forgotten for a long time, but in March 2018 it was suddenly remembered again. On March 4th, an old meme American Chopper was tweeted by a guy named Mason Carlton.

Later, on March 22, the American Chopper argument was used by the admins of the @GarfieldFanArt cat fan page. By the end of the month, Twitter and Reddit users had posted an endless array of American Chopper argument memes about father and son.


American Chopper fight meme is great for illustrating any kind of verbal skirmish. Father and son in the original video shouted and gestured very expressively, and they can add remarks on absolutely any controversial topic, be it the personal life of the trinity of the main characters of “Harry Potter” or questions of feminism.

Meme Template

american chopper argument meme generator
American Chopper argument meme

Below you can see the American Chopper argument meme template and ready-made memes scattered all over the Internet, especially on Reddit and Twitter, which have collected a record number of likes and reposts from admiring users. Now you can find the American Chopper argument meme generator and create your own meme that can become as popular as the original.

american chopper argument meme generator

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