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American Killed His Children After Comprehending QAnon Conspiracy Theories

American Killed His Children After Comprehending QAnon Conspiracy Theories

A 40-year-old inhabitant of the United States brutally murdered two of his children due to a conspiracy theory. He told the police that he was a follower of the QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theory. The man was sure that his children would grow up to be monsters if they were not killed.

Matthew Taylor was charged with the murder of his two-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter. He stabbed the children with a spearfishing pistol. The detainee told the FBI that he believed his wife passed on her snake DNA to the children. The killer's wife called the police and said that her husband had taken the children away to an unknown destination. She filed a report on the disappearance of her son and daughter. As it turned out, the man took the children to Mexico and killed them there. He was detained at the border while trying to return to the United States.

The QAnon phenomenon is the most ambitious conspiracy theory today. Its followers believe in child-kidnapping by the world government and see Trump as the savior of the world. Their number has grown especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Proponents of the theory tend to oppose any measures to combat the coronavirus.

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