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American Rapper Fetty Wap Lost His 4-Year-Old Daughter. The Cause Is Still Unknown

Fetty Wap's daughter died at the age of four

Fetty Wap's daughter died at the age of four. This tragic news was confirmed by the girl's mother who reported it on Instagram. Turquoise Miami posted a video with a little girl writing about the death of her beloved daughter.

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Lauren is the fifth child of the 30-year-old rapper. The artist has seven other children from different women. The cause and date of death haven't been named yet.

Willie Maxwell II is an artist from New Jersey who has one studio album, which he released in 2015. The rapper is best known for his hit called Trap Queen. The song gained more than 740 million views on YouTube.

In 2016, Fetty Wap was asked to sing a song about drugs during the funeral of former US First Lady Nancy Reagan. The authors of the corresponding petition accused her of increasing the punishment for possession of illegal drugs.

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