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An Untouched Slave Room Was Found in Pompeii After 2,000 Years of Discoveries

unearthed beds, amphorae, ceramic pitchers and chamber pot
Slave room discovered at Pompeii in 'rare' find

Archaeologists have found an untouched room in which the slaves lived in the suburbs of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. According to scientists, a family with a child lived in the 16 square meters dwelling, who performed work in the owner's villa.

The room contained three wooden beds, a chest with items of fabric and metal. A pot for storing personal belongings and ceramic jugs were also found under the beds. The beds were made of planks intertwined with ropes. The only light source in the room was a small window at the top, and there were no decorations on the walls.

Remains of two men killed in the eruption of Pompeii
Remains of two men killed in the eruption of Pompeii

What particularly surprised the archaeologists was the narrow and unreliable entire room, which looked like a storeroom. This is considered one of the most exciting and great discoveries. It is reported that excavations have been underway since 2017. Several relics have been unearthed over the years, including a ceremonial chariot and a stable with the remains of three horses.

Also in Pompeii, they plan to open a restaurant for tourists, which is 2000 years old.

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