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Our Selection Is Ready If You Are Looking For The Best Angela The Office Meme

angela martin character from the office

Angela Martin is the heroine of The Office, the chief accountant of the Screnton division of Dunder Mifflin. She is a conservative, strict and judgmental woman. She disapproves of any kind of frivolity in the office and openly expresses her dissatisfaction with Pam's actions and character. Angela wears formal clothes, but as a very small woman, she is forced to dress in stores for children.

Angela loves cats very much. Several live in her house, and one cat lives right in the office, in the closet. Angela is so attached to her animals that she behaves with them like she is a cat herself – she talks to them, hisses at them and licks them. Let's not delay, but rather see the top 10 The Office memes with Angela Martin!

Angela and Her Lovers

angela the office meme

Andy went to great lengths to make the wedding perfect, but Angela was unhappy with all of his ideas and, in order to relieve irritation, resumed sexual relations with Dwight. Angela became one of the first girls in the series to have a relationship with two men at the same time.

Angela Martin Loves Cats

angela Martin Loves Cats

As we noted earlier, she really loves her pets very much and gave each of them a name. Imagine, she has as many as five cats at home! How does she manage to take care of them and clean them up?

Judgment Angela

Judgment Angela

Many of us make the same face as in this Angela from The Office meme when we do not want to evaluate something, but the words themselves burst out. Angela really very often condemns many of the events taking place in the series The Office.

Angela's Hobbies

Angela Hobbies

Some won’t believe that such an adult woman has a hobby to dangle things in front of her cats. It may seem that she is very lonely and her personal life is not entirely complete and eventful, since Angela spends time only with her cats.

Angela's Refusal

martin Angela The Office meme

Vital Angela The Office meme for many girls. That awful feeling when a guy you don't like suggests dating. But how can you delicately refuse? Just send him this picture of Angela and he’ll understand everything.

Life Wisdom from Angela Martin

Life Wisdom from Angela Martin

If you also love cats like her, then pray enough and become a cat person. Many fans of the series The Office really dream about the same as Angela.

Angela and the Facts

Angela Office meme

Surely you are now looking at this Angela Office meme and do not understand what she is talking about. It's very simple – it's a metaphor!

Dwight and Angela

Angela Martin meme

Dwight asks Angela since when she became a girl of easy virtue. If your girlfriend has a good sense of humor, then send her this Dwight and Angela Martin meme, but be sure that she is good at such jokes.

The Office Angela Martin Meme

The Office Angela Martin Meme

Angela believes that under no circumstances should a man take off his clothes in the office, but her colleague is against such statements! Perhaps she lacks male attention, which is very sad.

Angela’s Quote

Angela Quote

“Green is a whorish color”, – Angela Martin. Legendary saying from a wise woman. Dear ladies, if you want to seduce a man, then feel free to wear a green dress!

The authors of the blog have compiled a selection of the 10 best The Office memes with the beautiful Angela Martin. One of the main characters of the series Office was remembered by all viewers sometimes from the positive side, and sometimes as a little tough girl. This does not prevent her from being one of the hottest and brightest girls in the Office series!

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