Anna Kendrick Will Play the Main Role in the Thriller About the Missing Girl
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Anna Kendrick Will Star in Lionsgate’s Upcoming Psychological Thriller

Anna Kendrick lands next lead role in Marvel

Lionsgate is ready to work with Anna Kendrick again. The actress got the lead role in the psychological thriller, which got the title Alice, Darling.

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Kendrick will play a character named Alice, who behaves strangely in the company of her two best friends, hiding the truth about her boyfriend, who appears in her life, then suddenly disappears. The secret becomes clear when the three friends go on a trip out of town. Soon, they find out that the girl is missing, and Alice's boyfriend arrives to help them.

Filming has already started and is taking place in Canada. Prior to Alice Darling, Kendrick starred in Lionsgate's comedy-thriller A Simple Request, which earned 100 million dollars worldwide.

Alice, Darling is a detailed story of pressure and control that features a cast of talented actors. Lionsgate has already called the upcoming film a captivating psychological thriller with three strong women at the center.

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