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Another Unexpected Demi Lovato’s Coming Out | Now You Must Call Them “They”

demi lovato

Recently, Demi Lovato made a coming out as a non-binary person. Now the singers are "they". The 28-year-old singers and formers Disney Channel stars Demi Lovato made an important announcement on their social media account, officially changing their pronoun. Now Demi, who have declared themselves a non-binary person, are "they". According to Lovato, they realized this after a long work on themselves.

Demi Lovato's Twitter post about gender equality is saying that they are still continuing to learn their deep personalities. And they added that it was a very important and responsible step for them to share this news about Demi Lovato on gender fluidity with their fans. They are convinced that this will help a lot of people who cannot share their true personalities with their loved ones. Lovato also admitted that love in any form is valuable to them and the sex of a person is not important. And advised everyone to live their real life. 

If you haven't heard about Demi in the last three years, here is a list of things that they managed to do:

  • Get into rehab after a near-fatal overdose;
  • Get out of it and return to the stage;
  • Announce engagement with their boyfriend after two weeks of relationship and then break up with him;
  • Release a documentary about themselves;
  • Make two coming outs: First as queer (the term defines people who aren’t completely heterosexual) and now as a non-binary person. What's more, a few years before Demi Lovato's coming out, their parents discovered that they might connect their life with a girl in the future.
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