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Anthony Mackie Will Star in the Fourth Captain America Film. He Will Play the Main Role

Captain America 4

The replacement of Chris Evans in Captain America 4 has been confirmed. The news is not surprising at all, but now it is receiving official status. The development of a new solo film about Captain America became known at the beginning of the year, but only now a new leading actor has officially signed a contract. American actor Anthony Mackie, who played Falcon in previous Marvel projects, will star in the fourth Captain America film. The actor has already signed a contract with the Disney studio.

The details of the plot of the tape are kept secret. The cast of the picture is still unknown. Whether Winter Soldier and former Captain America will join the cast is also unclear. According to the publication, the script for Captain America 4 was written by the creators of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. But a director for the new Marvel superhero movie has yet to be appointed.

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