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Apple Company Fired an Employee After He Called Women Weak and Soft in His Book

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It was recently reported that Apple company stopped working with one of its employees due to rumors of sexism. Antonio Garcia-Martinez, who recently took a job as an author, is no longer working at Apple after his past articles that have described women as soft and weak creatures.

Apple employees were offended by the sexist characterization he wrote in his book called Chaos Monkeys.

Garcia-Martinez joined Apple's advertising team in March. However, recently, a screenshot from his book, which was published in 2016, appeared on the Internet. In the book, he described the women from San Francisco as soft and weak, as well as pathetic and naive. This passage spread quickly and was followed by a petition that was signed by at least 2,000 employees. They demanded from the company an investigation into the hiring of Garcia Martinez and were wondering why his thoughts about women and people of different races were ignored. They also want such situations not to happen again in the future.

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