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Apple Invites to the Presentation of the iPhone 13. It Will Be Held on September 14

Presentation of the iPhone 13

The company has finally confirmed the release date of the new iPhone 13. Perhaps, in addition to the smartphone and Apple Watch, we will see something else interesting. When will this happen? In what format will be held? Read next and find out all the details.

By the end of 2021, the brand plans to hold two conferences, during which it will present its new products. The event is scheduled for September 14th, with another presentation in October. Some journalists and bloggers have already been sent invitations to the Apple presentation where the company will show a line of smartphones iPhone 13, smartwatches Apple Watch Series 7, and headphones AirPods 3. As before, the broadcast will be held on the company website as well as on the official YouTube channel. It's worth noting that Apple hasn't been hosting live conferences since 2019.

Perhaps most of all fans of the brand are waiting for the presentation of the new iPhone. Apple is expected to show four new smartphone models: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini. It is also possible that the new iPhone line will receive 15-20% more batteries than previous models. An important difference between the iPhone 13 may be the lack of a Lightning port. Previously, it was written that Apple can provide the iPhone 13 with a satellite communication module, with the help of which users can use in emergency situations. This function is useful for calling rescuers in places where there is no cellular network.

Apple's September presentation will also show the new Apple Watch Series 7. There are rumors that the shape will be the main feature of the new model. For the first time since Series 4, Apple's smartwatches will be stylistically similar to smartphones. It is assumed that the body and frames will be made thinner, and the screen will be enlarged. The smartwatch can get a built-in sensor to measure the blood sugar level. Apple Watch Series 7 will also receive new, more autonomous batteries.

A few months ago, detailed images of wireless earbuds appeared online, which are very similar to the AirPods Pro. But there is a possibility that the standard model will not receive noise reduction, which will remain a feature of the Pro version. According to the latest data, the battery of the AirPods 3 charging case has been increased by 20%, and they will only be sold with wireless charging.

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