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Apple Will Check User’s Phones for Child Pornography Images. Not All Are Pleased

Apple Is Planning To Scan Child Pornography
Apple Is Planning To Scan Child Pornography Images on the Users’ Devices

Apple will check the correspondence and content of the iCloud service for images of child pornography. The function will be implemented in new software versions available for all devices. The company said that the new technology will take into account the privacy of users so photos in iCloud will not be scanned.

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If an inappropriate photo is sent to the child's device, it will become blurry, and the user will receive a warning. In the case when the child himself wants to send such an image, he will also be given a warning, and the parents will receive a message if the photo is sent.

In addition, special applications for identifying iCloud child pornography materials will help Apple provide police with valuable information.

However, a number of experts criticized the new development saying that this kind of tool can be a weapon in the hands of an authoritarian government. Apple's initiative could also lead to mass surveillance of phones and laptops.

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