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Apple Will Start Selling iPhone and Mac Parts and Tools to the Customers for Self-Repair

Apple Will Start Selling iPhone and Mac Parts  for Self-Repair

On November 17, Apple announced the launch of a new initiative. With the help of Self Service Repair, the customers will be able to repair the devices on their own using original parts and tools. The company plans to launch the program in early 2022 in the United States, and in a number of other countries during the year.

Initially, only owners of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models will be able to participate in the offer. Later, the company will provide components for the self-repair of Mac computers with M1 chips.

Customers will be able to purchase original repair parts online. More than 200 spare parts and tools will be presented in the online store. At the first stage, screens, cameras, and batteries for smartphones will be available to buyers. Other components will be on sale in the future.

Apple will also provide device owners with detailed instructions for home repairs. The company will publish them on its website after the program appears in the United States. Customers will be offered the same parts and tool prices as independent repair shops. In addition, old parts can be returned to Apple after repairs are completed to receive a discount.

However, self-repairs will not void the product warranty unless the owner damaged it during the repair process. However, Apple stressed that the program is meant for people who have experience in repairing electronic devices using various accessories and tools.

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