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Apple’s Unique Wooden Computer Was Sold for 400,000 Dollars During an Auction

The sold Apple-1 computer has only had two owners
The sold Apple-1 computer has only had two owners

One of the few surviving Apple-1 computers was put up for auction. The original computer, created by Stephen Wozniak together with Steve Jobs in 1976, went under the hammer at an auction for 400,000 dollars. The event took place in Los Angeles. The rare Apple-1, made in a wooden koa acacia case, is still operational and is one of a batch of 200 units sold.

This device had only two owners- a professor and his student. The lot also came with a Panasonic video monitor and other manuals. The wooden case went to the device in California from one of the first computer implementers ByteShop, which received about 50 Apple-1 machines for sale.

It is believed that there are about 20 such devices in the world that can still function. At the same time, the computer sold at the auction is not the most expensive Apple-1 computer. This title belongs to the working version, which was sold for 905,000 dollars at the Bonhams auction in New York in 2014. It was acquired by the Henry Ford Museum.

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