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Are Ya Winning Son Meme: Everything You Must Know About This Meme in One Article

Are ya reading another story about a meme, son? Again Everything Is Viral?! Nice job, son! Continue reading and don’t do your homework!

Are Ya Winning Son: Original Story Time

are ya winning son original

Are u winning son? What's that?! Is ur father finally worrying about ur win streak in Fortnite? No way!! It's just an old-new meme, now it takes a golden MEME statue-like troll face, etc.

This funny piece of the comic came to us from 4chun. It was posted on 2014 march 21st by user Aejax, the caption said "This is the future you chose". The original comic showed us the son who was watching VR porn and suddenly the door opens and the father asked "Are ya winning son". Somehow in 2015 this meme worked well with people watch VR pornography (a youtube show) and gained 1,600 likes and 80 comments within two years.

After 4chun it goes to Reddit, spreading to Tumblr, and getting a huge amount of attention to are ya winning son template.

On September 22nd, 2015 Funny junk user magmamax posted a new variation of this comic when the father discovers his son committed suicide, for sure are ya winning son meme after this becomes more deep and ironic. People start connecting meme son to very delicate topics like parents vs pornography, parents vs gaming, boomer vs zoomer.

Also, it’s taking place in popular titles, animes, movies(for example Jojo's bizarre adventure). There is a reversed variation of this meme Are ya winning dad. It was posted in 2020 by user MythicalMicah Reddit and got 45k upvotes. This time it's just cut from the cartoon Coraline, the image makes it even more ironic than the original son meme. Overall this meme became one of the best for gamers, u can find different variations with different games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Apex, or even Dark Souls, games where it's difficult to take 1rst place.

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The Highest Spot of Popularity:

The highest popularity came in May 2020, with even more different are ya winning son meme variations. On May 2nd, Reddit user i9980XE posted a cool version that gained over 1,400 points. On May 17th, Twitter user @helen posted an edit that gained over 7,000 retweets and 68,000 likes.

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