After Ariana Grande Was Attacked With a Knife, the Star Went to Court
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Ariana Grande Fears for Her Safety, the Singer Was Attacked With a Knife

Ariana Grande Fears for Her Safety, the Singer Was Attacked With a Knife

Ariana Grande fears for her safety. In early September, the star was attacked and threatened. The artist has already gone to court.

The American singer suffered because of the man who stalked her. This became known from court documents. For about 7 months, 23-year-old Aaron Brown terrorized the performer. And on the night of September 9, he broke into the property of the star in Los Angeles with a hunting knife. The armed man demanded a meeting with a famous pop star. But the performer didn't go outside. Then, Ariana's guards tried to ask the man to leave the house, but he became aggressive and began to threaten the artist with murder. Luckily the security wasn't injured. Soon, police officers were called, who detained the attacker and took him to the police station. Later, the man was charged with a felony.

After this incident, Grande went to court and filed legal papers to get a restraining order against the abuser who approached her. In the statement, the 28-year-old singer also notes that she is afraid of the safety of her family. And the police are now worried that Brown may be released from prison and that he will be able to harm the celebrity or the family members again.

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