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Armed women organized a demonstration focused on violence against women

womens protest

On Monday, March 8th, hundreds of women armed with bats and hammers, and some even carried their children, protested as President Andres Manuel Lopez supported a politician who was accused of rape by several women. And despite the disagreements within the party, the President still supported the politician.

The women gathered around the presidential residence and, after several desperate attempts, they managed to demolish a metal fence that had previously been installed to protect the building. Later, the police started shooting at the crowd. Based on the data, at least 62 policemen and 19 civilians were hurt. Women activists say that during his 2 years in power, the President disregarded the necessities of half of the people living in Mexico and did little to combat violence against women. All this led to the fact that the level of violence in the country has not changed: 10 women are daily killed in Mexico and about 16,000 cases of rape have been reported. Moreover, only 5 percent of these cases resulted in criminal charges. This is what prompted Mexican activists to use violence as a means to get attention.

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