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Artificial Rain Was Caused in Dubai in Order To Cope With Extremely Hot Weather

UAE Authorities Artificially Caused Rain in the Country To Fight the 50-Degree Heat

Heavy rains have recently fallen in the central and eastern parts of the United Arab Emirates. The authorities deliberately caused rain in the country with the help of cloud-seeding planes that operate all year round.

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Summers in Dubai can often be extremely warm and it is almost never rainy during this period. But a solution has been found: aerial vehicles that are unmanned dive into the clouds and release electrical charges.

The rain is generated using drone technology, which shocks clouds with electricity so that they clump together and form precipitation. This technique is known as cloud seeding and is part of a 15 million dollars cloud observation operation in the UAE. This technology, sponsored by the government in 2017, uses a drone to release electrical charges into clouds. When the drops have merged and are large enough, they will rain down.

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