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Astronaut memes: the best "Wait, is that… It always has been"

astronaut memes

Have you ever seen at least one those "Is that... It always has been" spaceman memes? There are dozens of them but which is the first one and who is the author? We gathered the most interesting memes about two astronauts to our huge collection - Mr. Spoke would approve it!

But firstly let's come back to the place of origin. We can't say that is must-have information because it's just if you are really into this prank you will be interested in its place of birth.

Ohio astronauts meme

We could say that the remarkable day of spacemen meme society is the 7th October 2019 - user of iFunny with the nickname iOhioian posted his meme in the spirit of the hype steam of Ohio vs the World. His post has been reposted thousands of times in other media like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and others. The prank is quite simple: there are two astronauts, one is in front, another stand on the back of the first one with a gun in his hands. They both are somewhere in the orbit of Earth. The astronaut #1 says: "Wait, it's all Ohio?" The astronaut #2 says: "It always has been". The Ohio astronaut meme is so simple and hilarious and for those reasons, people like it so much.

Why are such memes popular?

  • Pranks about space and especially US astronauts will never die;
  • They all are quite short so you don't waste your time and understand the essence of joke quickly;
  • Such jokes are always fun in some short period (they are depending on hype and trends);
  • They are spreading through the media quickly and make an influence on the users.

But the prank has its roots even earlier!

You search the Web and find the funny post dated on the 11th December 2016. It was Redditor by Wiegand6 in dark memes. The meme has a little bit another meaning: "WTF it's flat? Sry fam". This is an old prank about old school theory about the planet Earth. Also, one anonymous user with the nickname 4chan made a prototype of the world fame meme on 7th August 2018. The prank is snout America: "Wait, it's all America? It always has been".

The best collection astronaut memes

spaceman meme
ohio astronaut memes
astronaut meme

Thank you!

We just wanted to say thank you for reading our short article. We hope you have laughed and spent time having fun! See you soon! Stay toasty and turn on notifications to see our new article.

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