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At the Last Conference, It Was Announced about LaMDA, Google AI Chatbot

google ai

Google recently announced its neural network model called LaMDA. Google AI chatbot will be used for easygoing communication with the help of AI in natural “human language”.

Everyone knows that Machine Learning Algorithms are one of the key parts of producing Google products. During their last conference, the company talked about several new developments in this direction, including new algorithms by Google.

LaMDA, which means Language Model for Dialogue Applications, is an excellent neural network model aimed at conversation. Google’s new AI assistant is designed for casual conversations on a wide variety of topics. What's important,  Google AI chatbot is significantly different from the usual short answers to specific questions. The algorithm is able to freely change one topic to another, as people normally do, but computers cannot yet.

By this moment, LaMDA can only identify the text, but the further goal of this project is to create a universal system that can understand images and audio as well.

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