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Australian Authorities Will Pay Money to Those Who Decide To Part With the Abuser

Australian Authorities Will Pay Money to Those Who Decide To Part With the Abuser

The Australian government will offer payments to women and men to end violent relationships. From October 19, victims will be able to demand 3,700 dollars. The money will be paid in cash, however direct payments are also possible, for example, for the school of the children of the victims.

The government believes that the majority of appeals will come from women. According to statistics, one in six women in Australia suffers from domestic violence, and only one in 16 men. In addition, one woman is killed by a partner every nine days in the country.

The government notes that the pandemic negatively affected the situation of women in Australia since in most cases it was women who lost their jobs or reduced the number of work hours during quarantine.

Among other things, the pandemic has also led to an increase in domestic violence. According to the government, two-thirds of women who have experienced sexual or physical violence from a partner said the violence began or worsened during the pandemic.

Because of the quarantine, some women could not afford to break off abusive relationships even when the restrictions were loosened. Victims are often afraid not to find a separate home since the rent has increased. The government hopes the payments will help women feel more confident.

Human rights activists often drew attention to these problems, so they highly appreciated the support program for victims of abusers. Australia rates low in international rankings for gender equality, and this is reflected in the fact that men enjoy a dominant position in love relationships, and women become economically vulnerable.

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