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Balkan Memes: Top Hilarious Jokes And Pictures About Relations Between The Balkan Countries

Balkan Memes

Balkan memes have become popular on the Internet for a long time and a huge number of them have been created. Today we will look at the funniest and funniest memes.

Croatia Bosnia Meme

croatia bosnia meme

Croatian-Bosnian Border Map is a map image of the countries of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina that went viral in July 2018. The map shows that Croatia is mainly north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but a long section of Croatia borders the Adriatic Sea and blocks almost all Bosnia and Herzegovina's access to water.

Bosnians: I want to swim

Croatia: no

The Bosnia and Croatia meme with the Croatian-Bosnian border is built on irony and personifies the moments when one wants to get something, and the other does not allow him to do it.

Classic Macedonian Meme

balkan meme

Bulgaria and Greece squeeze Macedonia together. This situation is shown by two cats who squeezed the other and Macedonia can barely breathe.

Lunch in the Balkans

balkans meme

Germany: €55 for 3 small pieces of meat

Balkans: €5 for a huge plate of meat and potatoes

What a life Balkan meme, I think everyone will agree with that.

Balkans Meme “If You Understand History”

bosnia and croatia meme

I am very good at history

Yes? Name 10 ancient cities


My mistake. Lowered the bar.

Historical amendment: Alexander the Great, in the process of conquering territories, founded 14 cities named "Alexandria".

Balkan Festivals

bosnia memes

Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Macedonia: scary costumes and dances.

A real Halloween, not a festival, you would say if you saw this for the first time and did not know that these are ordinary celebrations in the Balkan countries.

Bosnia Memes

Bosnian Dads Be Like

bosnian memes

I don’t know who you are, I don’t understand what you’re saying… hold on, let me get my daughter. It's just a hilarious life situation, Balkan fathers are really all the same even when they talk on the phone with strangers.

Get In Loser, We're Going to Bosnia

bosnia meme

The Bosnian memes depict an old car with a bunch of yellow and blue sacks on top, which in a sense refer us to the flag of Bosnia. This sight looks pretty sad, but this picture makes it even funnier.

Bosnians Be Like: Kome Ti Mater?

bosnian meme

Literally in English, this translates as "to whom you mother", I don't even know whether it is a curse or not, but I think so. Sounds aggressive and menacing, just like the Bosnians.

Bosnian Mode Activated!!!

bosnia memes

In this Bosnia meme, we see the flag of Bosnia and in the foreground an anime character who seems to unleash overwhelming strength and power. The Bosnians are really that strong.

Bosnian Problem #75

bosnian memes

You tell Americans where you are from, and you end up explaining the entire history of Bosnia. Indeed, many Americans do not know where Bosnia is and what kind of state it is, so you have to explain everything from the very beginning to the end.

I Don’t Care If You’re:

bosnia meme

Bosnian (a cat), Black, Normal, Asian (dogs). We can still be friends! A very ironic meme with 3 dogs and 1 cat sitting on it. Have you noticed that cats are different from dogs and very often they are not friendly? So the meaning of the Bosnian meme is that you cannot make friends with a Bosnian or it will be very difficult.

Croatian Memes

Tough Croatian Laws

croatian memes

Germany: drinking age is 16

Spain, France: 16! ours is 18

USA: 18!! we have to be 21

Croatia: *laughs*

Explanation of the Croatian meme: Drinking any amount of alcoholic beverages will continue to be prohibited to persons under the age of 24. Croatian lawmakers have also tightened the liability for this type of violation.

Croatian Party Starter Pack

croatia meme

Sausages, national booze, Croatian dances, and the Adriatic lira. Everything you need for any successful Croatian party and Croatia memes. If this is not there, do not even try to call me.

Types of Headache

croatia memes

Migraine: temple hurts

Hypertension: the back of the head hurts

Stress: the back of the head and forehead hurt

Croatian Women: the whole head hurts

Balkan women are very emotional and impulsive, it is really difficult for them to find a man who can cope with such a temperamental woman, so the truth is definitely in Croatia meme.

The creators of the blog tried to find the best memes for you and we hope that the people of the Balkan countries liked them and made them smile.

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