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Bart the Bear II, Who Starred in Game of Thrones, Passed Away on the Weekend

Game of Thrones bear is dead

Alaskan grizzly bear, named Bart the Bear II, can be called a real movie star. Since 2001, the legendary bear has starred in numerous commercials, as well as films such as We Bought a Zoo, the second part of the Doctor Dolittle movie, and the legendary TV series Game of Thrones. There, the giant animal appeared in the seventh episode of the third season.

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Bart's mother and his sister were killed by a hunter, and the babies, exhausted by hunger, were found by a biologist in the mountains in Alaska who decided to give them shelter. In addition, Bart not only acted in films but also served as an ambassador for the Vital Ground, an organization that revives the grizzly population. In the last year, the health of the furry actor has deteriorated. He died on the weekend at the age of 21.

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