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Batman Movie Grossed More Than 450 Million Dollars Worldwide, Keeping the Leadership

Batman Box Office

Batman, based on DC comics, is continuing to keep the leadership at the US box office. The sci-fi movie grossed another 66 million dollars in its second weekend. Thus, the drop in fees compared to the premiere weekend was a very modest 50 percent.

Home collections of the picture exceeded 238 million dollars, and the world 463 million. The Batman production budget was estimated at 200 million dollars. Therefore, for payback, it will need to collect at least 500-550 million dollars at the box office, depending on the cost of promotion.

Since The Batman has yet to launch in China, there is no doubt about its ability to achieve the desired result. It is especially important for Warner Bros. Studios, as it should confirm its effectiveness in the process of its acquisition by Discovery, which was recently approved by the general meeting of shareholders.

The tape tells about Bruce Wayne, who is played by Robert Pattinson, and his alter ego Batman, the protector of Gotham. The hero is forced to confront the maniac Riddler (Paul Dano), simultaneously fighting internal demons. The tape also starred Zoe Kravitz who played the role of Catwoman and Colin Farrell (Penguin).

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