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Be ready to watch Pink Moon in April

pink moon

Next month you can watch one of the most interesting sights right outside the window. In April 2021, we will be looking forward to the Pink Moon, which is also known as the Egg Moon.

On April 26th, we advise you to go outside together with your family or friends and observe the Pink Moon. It is supposed to be visible and reach its peak at 11:31 PM on Monday. This will be one of two supermoons this year. It is believed 15% brighter than a normal full moon.

Unfortunately, the name of this supermoon has less to do with its color than with the season. A full moon in April often corresponds to a bloom of wildflowers native to eastern North America. This association led to the fact that it is called the Pink Moon. While the color may not be as magical as we would like, it is still a supermoon and well worth seeing.

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