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A Bean Dad Meme That Has Made All Of Twitter Angry. Horrible Parenting Methods

The daughter asked her father to open a jar of beans, and he arranged a life lesson for her. He would be remembered by many for the Roderick Meme.

Bean Dad, instead of helping his daughter open a can of beans, decided to teach her a lesson that aroused not admiration, but anger among netizens. They saw real abuse and psychological trauma for the girl whose father allegedly wanted to teach her independence.

Origin of the Bean Dad Meme

Origin of the Bean Dad Meme

American musician John Roderick was the subject of Bean Dad Twitter on January 2 due to his big thread about raising a nine-year-old daughter. The man, who has already been nicknamed “The Bean Father” on the web, decided to turn the request of a hungry child into a cautionary tale. However, in the end, Beandad ran into hate, which forced him to delete John Roderick Twitter.

John began his story with how, in early January, while he was busy with his own business, his nine-year-old daughter approached him with the most common request.

“So yesterday my daughter was hungry, and I was solving a puzzle, so I told her over my shoulder, 'Make some baked beans.' She asked me: “How?” – just like all children do when they want YOU to do something. So I said, “Open the can and put (the beans) in the pot.” She brought me a jar and asked again: “How to open it?” — wrote Roderick.

Realizing that his daughter did not know how to use a can opener, a pleased Bean Daddy decided, instead of helping the girl deal with the situation, to teach her a lesson. John explained to the baby that she herself had to figure out how to open the jar of beans, and he returned to his puzzle, where, fortunately, there was no need to look for an owl.

In addition, during the six hours that the girl was trying to solve the riddle of a tin can with Dads green beans, Roderick, apparently considering himself a cheerful father, described his daughter's torment in a thread.

At some point, she said: “I don't want baked beans,” and left. The Father of the Apocalypse (ie Roger) went into Road Mode (Cormac McCarthy's novel – approx. Medialeaks)! “Honey, none of us would eat a bite until you figure out how to open the can,” the man wrote in one of his tweets.

After a short break, the daughter returned to the ill-fated bank and again tried to figure out how to get to the beans. After a while, she still managed to find out about the existence of a can opener, figure out how it works, and open canned food, all this at the cost of six hours of hunger and ridicule from the parent.

And while John thought he created the funniest thread in 2021, readers were furious with this method of parenting, which cannot be said about the mother who allowed her daughter not to attend kindergarten. Users not only got angry but also started making funny Dad Meme.

Users Reaction

Users Reaction twitter bean dad
twitter bean dad

Unlike Roderick, Twitter users saw in his act not an instructive case. They left comments like this and created Bean memes:

  • The story of the Bean Father is absurd. He should just FEED her and then show her how to use a can opener, instead of leaving her hungry for six hours. This is terrible.
  • She is nine years old, and some of us have a hard time learning when we are hungry, regardless of age. God…
  • “Bean Father” has been on my mind all day, and I think his problem was described in the very first tweet of the thread. His daughter asked him an honest question (“How?”), And he immediately automatically assumed that he was being manipulated by a nine-year-old child.
  • I think it is very important to teach children that they are not alone in this world and there is nothing shameful in asking other people for help and support. So I think everyone should read the Bean Father story and always do exactly the opposite.

Some were still able to discern educational elements in the man's actions, but clearly not those that his father had counted on. It was these elements that served as the basis for the Mr Bean daughter meme.

Mr Bean daughter meme.
bean dad twitter
  • The Bean Father, like many bad parents, taught his daughter important lessons:

– your needs are less important than mine.

– I wouldn’t help when you ask me to.

– I would praise myself for refusing to help you.

– my ego is always more important than yours.

– I can't be trusted.

  • Bringing a hungry child to frustrated tears over a trivial task is not creating motivation. There is no teaching in this. Anyway, after SIX HOURS it turned into a lesson about parental bullying, which I suspect she would remember well in her adult years.

And some of the commentators have already figured out how the unfortunate girl would take revenge on her dad in the future.

Bean Father
bean meme dad
  • Someday, “Bean Father” would need her help with technology or taking care, and then she would take revenge.

The creators of the blog agree with the comments of netizens and those who created the Can Opener Meme. People like Roderick need to rethink their parenting methods, or not have children at all. Thank you for paying attention to this article and reading to the end.

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