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Beckham’s €47,2 Mansion Was Robbed While the Ex-Footballer and His Family Were at Home

Beckham's House Robbed

While the family of David Beckham was sleeping peacefully, a robber broke into their mansion which is located in London. The police confirmed that they are currently investigating the incident. The former Manchester United and England midfielder's house is valued at €47.2million.

The thief got into one of the bedrooms of the house and worked so quietly that neither David nor Victoria nor their 10-year-old daughter Harper woke up. The theft was discovered by their 17-year-old son.

Cruz returned from a night out with friends to find that the spare bedroom was full of debris and a mess. He woke up his father and they called 911. After searching the mansion, the footballer discovered that the thief had taken thousands of pounds worth of their equipment and designer items.

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