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Belgium Updated the Design of Passports, They Are Decorated With Comic Book Characters

belgium passports
belgium passports

Starting from February 7, 2022, Belgians will be able to receive a new sample passport featuring local comic book characters that are known throughout the world. On the pages of the document, you can now see the reporter Tintin, Blake and Mortimer, Largo Winch, the Smurfs, and other heroes.

According to the country's foreign minister, the design of the passport is designed to pay tribute to Belgian comics, which are one of the key components of the local culture.

The minister also said that a new passport is more difficult to forge. The fact is that it has 48 security elements instead of 24, as it was before. A barcode with the owner's personal details was placed on the title page, and the photo was pierced at different angles to make it difficult to repeat the features of the original document.

Belgians use this passport to travel abroad. A plastic ID card is enough to confirm the identity within the country. It will be valid for seven years for adults and five years for minors. You can issue a document in five days at the same price, 65 euros. The old Belgian passport will be valid until the expiration date. The design of international passports in Belgium has not changed since 2008.

Also, especially for the release of a new type of passport, the Comic Museum in Brussels will hold an exhibition dedicated to the history of this document in the country. It will last until March 6th.

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