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Bella Hadid Spoke About Psychological Problems in Her Instagram Account

Supermodel Bella Hadid has spoken out about her mental health
Supermodel Bella Hadid has spoken out about her mental health "rollercoaster" of "breakdowns and burnouts".

American supermodel Bella Hadid surprised followers with a new publication, in which she spoke frankly about her psychological problems.

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The 25-year-old celebrity who is one of the most wanted models in the modern fashion industry has published a series of pictures in which she cries.

In the post, she said that she was inspired by the example of Willow Smith, who speaks openly about mental health. In the post, Hadid admitted that she has been struggling with psychological problems for several years and suffers from feelings of anxiety.

She also added that social media has a negative impact on people with psychological problems and encouraged people with similar symptoms like hers to seek professional help.

Bella's fans and celebrity friends thanked her for her honesty and expressed tremendous support.

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