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The Model Bella Hadid Shared With Fans That She Had Plastic Surgery at 14 Years Old

Bella Hadid Surgery

Bella Hadid gave an interview to Vogue. It was published on the magazine's website on March 15.

The American model of Palestinian origin admitted that at the age of 14 years old she underwent plastic surgery to correct the shape of her nose. According to the model, now she regrets this decision. The Palestinian-born star, who has often been suspected of undergoing plastic surgery, has denied using fillers.

Yolanda Hadid, the mother of models Bella and Gigi, was later criticized online after confessing to her daughter. The Internet users stated that Bella would not have been able to do such an operation without her parents' permission. Moreover, according to fans, it would not have occurred to the girl to change the shape of her nose if adults had not told her about it.

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