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Ben Affleck Registered in a Dating App Raya and Swiped the Blogger Nivin Jay

Ben Affleck

Desperate 48-year-old American actor Ben Affleck is lonely again but does not want to put up with the status of a bachelor. After a romance with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, and the marriage which lasted ten years with actress Jennifer Garner, who bore him three children, he suffered for a long time being alone.

Probably tired of his colleagues, he decided to look for a girl among ordinary people. Affleck registered in a dating app called Raya and swiped the unknown by this moment blogger called Nivin Jay. The girl also liked him, but then she thought that it is unlikely that a Hollywood star would like an ordinary girl like her on social media.

Nivin decided that she was dealing with a fake account of the celebrity and that's why she deleted the match. But soon she got a personal video from Ben Affleck himself asking why she deleted their match. The actor confirmed that it was certainly him.

Whether Affleck has a chance of building a lasting relationship with the young blogger is unclear. But after posting a video of the star on her TikTok, Nivin has already gained over a million views.

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