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Bill and Melinda Gates, the Richest Couple in the World, Filed for a Divorce

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Melinda and Bill Gates, who are the founders of one of the world's biggest philanthropic foundations, stated their divorce. During 27 years of marriage, they became the richest couple in the world thanks to the Microsoft company founded by Gates. Then they started to give billions of dollars to fight poverty, inequality, and disease.

The Gates' wealth is estimated at 130 billion dollars. And in their foundation, which has given out more than 50 billion dollars over 20 years, there is still about the same amount left. The owners of the fourth state in the world promised that the divorce will not affect the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in which they will remain partners. 

Throughout all these years, they raised three children and created a foundation that operates all around the world. However, they no longer see an opportunity for themselves to develop as a couple at a new stage in their lives.

Bill Gates is now 65 and Melinda is 56. They met in the 1980s when she came to work at Microsoft, and then got married in 1994.  According to the laws of the state of Washington, the family fortune is supposed to be divided equally, so Melinda may become one of the three richest women in the world. She already has the status of the most influential one.

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